Saturday, January 26, 2008

This list goes up to eleven

  1. Most lists go up to ten. That makes lists that go up to eleven one better.
  2. I can never think of just ten things. So, I'm giving myself one more.
  3. Eleven is the first positive number with three syllables. Ten only has one syllable, and it's the ninth number with that many.
  4. The Apollo 11 landed on the moon. The Apollo 10 only orbited.
  5. The tenth president of the United States was John Tyler, who only became president because the ninth president, William Henry Harrison, caught pneumonia during his inaugural address and died. The eleventh president, James K. Polk, is considered the last strong president before the Civil War. Plus, They Might Be Giants wrote a song about him. (BONUS FACT: James K. Polk's middle initial is K...the eleventh letter!)
  6. Which would you rather have...eleven pipers piping or ten lords a-leaping? Come on...beautiful music or ten guys jumping around, crashing into stuff? No brainer.
  7. If you look at it the right way, 11 is number 1...twice!
  8. Eleven rhymes with seven, and thus can be combined to form Seven-Eleven. Ten ends with the same two letters, but a Seven-Ten would be ridiculous.
  9. Humorist Victor Borge saw the need for inflation when he created inflationary language, where one gets added to words with numbers in them. Thus, the tired old saying "Anyone for tennis?" becomes the inflated and invigorated "Anytwo five elevennis?"
  10. The eleventh hour is when most work gets done. Nobody waits until the tenth hour, that's just silly, and it completely goes against the procrastinator's code.
  11. If I have eleven items on a list, I can cite This Is Spinal Tap.

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